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Other goodies

Other goodies

Stock up on the spiciest swag money can buy! From kitchen gadgets... 

Combo packs

Combo packs

Get your hands on our irresistible combos of meal starters, and keep things... 

Meal starters

Meal starters

A meal starter is a pantry shortcut, with all the sauces, aromatics,... 

A meal starter packet getting ripped open. Its contents are then added to a cast iron pan full of cooking food. The text reads: Rip, Pour, Fire it up, Enjoy!

Rip - Pour - Fire it up 🌶

Our meal starters are pantry shortcuts for a specific Asian dish. They combine all the sauces, aromatics, and seasonings you need.

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A smiling woman stands in a restaurant kitchen.

Trusted tastemakers

Maiko Kyogoku's signature cooking style is a balance of refinement + whimsy. And she’s lent her tangy expertise to our favorite starters.

  • Vogue

    "It's completely transformed home cooking."

  • Food network

    "I was nothing short of amazed to taste flavors I'd had only in restaurants!"

  • Food & Wine

    "I made my best quarantine meal with Asian Meal Starter Kit."

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